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Zéro Mégot

Zéro Mégot Zéro Mégot

Zéro Mégot, an initiaitve that upcycles cigarette butts into street furniture

Fighting against butts thrown to the ground!

Cigarette butts are the waste which is the most commonly thrown to the ground in the world(8 millions/second!). It is made of plastic and thousand of toxic components, which make it a disaster for ecosystems. A single butt will take about 15 years to degrade and disappear into nature, and can pollute up to 500L of water. It is clearly time to do something about that! In Luxemburg, the company Shime offers a solution to solve this issue, thanks to the project “Zéro Mégot”.

Who is Shime?

shime is a private Luxemburgish company, created in 2017. Consulting office specialized in Company Social Responsibility (RSE), it supports responsible and caring companies in the implementation of an RSE strategy, the definition of a waste handling plan and in getting a 'Responsible Company' label. shime is member of the IMS, signed the Diversity Chart and the Zero Single-Use plastic manifest, is member of OUNI, and its collaborators participate to work groups in the ProRSE association and in INDR. Since November, 2017, shime has received the INDR 'Responsible Company' and has also received the label 'Made in Luxemburg'.
In 2020, the French subsidiary 'shime France' was created.

The Zéro Mégot target

Shime's target through the Zéro Mégot (Zero Butt) project is to offer tangible and sustainable solutions to fight the pollution related to cigarette butts. Whether you are a citizen, a company, a city or an association, their team will offer innovative solutions and a personnalized support to set-up your 'Zero Butt' project.

Zéro Mégot covers the complete and circular process from recycling to the transformation fot he cigarette butts into street furniture, and offers a statistical follow-up and carbon footprint of the operation. Cigarette butts are therefore upcycled into a new resource: the PlastiGO!

What is PlastiGO?

PlastiGO! is an inerte material, used to create urban furniture dedicated to smoking areas. It is made available with a rental system, so it can be endlessly recycled, which completely fits in a circular economy logic.

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