Evaluate and reduce your environmental footprint

A quick evaluation of your impact on the planet, and local solutions for your lifestyle.

Why should you evaluate your environmental impact?

Our online tool allows you, in a few minutes, to target the aspects of your lifestyle that have the highest footprint on the environment.

Three aspects will be evaluated: carbon footprint, impact on the biodiversity and impact on the air quality. Your carbon footprint will be classified in 5 main categories: mobility (daily travels, commuting), travels, food, energy and housing, consumption. Your influence on biodiversity and air quality will be estimated from the results in all these fields.

After you have taken the evaluation, we will be able to provide you with ideas, actions and solutions specifically adapted to your situation, thanks to our local solutions in Luxemburg, but also by helping you changing your habits in the most efficient way. For each of these steps, we will give you an estimation of the improvement potential on your impact.

Thanks to our community of local solutions, it is already possible to act and make a difference for the planet in Luxemburg.

How does our evaluation work?

The tool is free and reusable as often as you like.

Our test uses public data provided by open data databases such as DatAgir and Agribalyse, and also from our partner Planète Moteurs. The tool has been calibrated to yield results specifically for the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg. To achieve that, recent data from the Statec have been used to adapt the calculations to the specificities of Luxemburg.

Through the questions, the tool calculates an estimation of the CO2 footprint of each aspect of your lifestyle, based on average values and standard behaviour. It also calculates an estimation of your impact on biodiversity and air quality.

Just like any estimation, these calculations are subject to some uncertainties and some margin of error, and may therefore differ from reality. However, we are doing our best to use the most accurate and relevant estimates, to allow you to act as efficiently as possible for the planet.

Your answers to the test questions are not saved. However, we keep an anonymous record of your results, in order to gather statistics and to better understand the behaviours and sources of CO2 emissions of Luxemburg residents.

If you wish, you may save your results to find them at any moment, by registering to our website, and by logging in.