Become a sustainable local solution in Luxemburg

Join the Lëtzshift project

Why should you join our community?

By joining the Lëtzshift project, you will appear on our platform as a local actor for a more sustainable way of life in Luxemburg.

A sa member of our community of solutions, you will benefit from a dedicated page to promote your activity, and you will permanently be present in our list of local solutions, suggested to our users. You will be part of the evaluation results, based on the targeted priorities of the user. Upon joining us, you will appear on our landing page for at least 15 days, and will be mentionned in our frequent communications: newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

Who can join the community?

The membership is available to any group, activity, organization, event, restaurant, bar, shop, private or public company, and more generally to any initiative which aims at making our world more sustainable, provided the member provides products or services which really can help their clients to reach a more sustainable way of life.

At LëtzShift, there is no 'greenwashing': all our local solutions should actually sell products or services which will bring a real and tangible improvement to our users' footprint, whether it is their carbon footprint or their impact on biodiversity and air quality. This should be an essential part of their activity.

Joining us: how?

To join us, you may either contact us through our contact form, or fill the fields below, if possible by explaining to us how you contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

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