We are voyagers

We are voyagers

We are voyagers

We are voyagers, 100% recycled clothes for responsible adventurers

We are voyagers helps responsible adventurers who wish to turn to a more eco-friendly mode of consumption to preserve all these magical places that allow us to feel fulfilled when travelling.

In order not to deplete our planet's resources and limit our carbon footprint, which is responsible for global warming, We are voyagers has developed a range of colorful clothing, made from recycled fibers and manufactured in France.

Today, only 1% of collected clothes are recycled to make new clothes.

More than one out of two garments collected are exported abroad (particularly to African countries) to be reused or (in the majority of cases) thrown into open landfills.

With more than 100 billion pieces of clothing sold worldwide each year, the calculation is quickly made, we are heading straight for an unprecedented ecological and human disaster.

Through their approach, We are voyagers therefore wish to be part of the solution on their scale, by limiting our impact on global warming, by fighting against the overproduction of clothing and by ensuring that the rights of those who work with them are respected.

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