Planète Moteurs

Planète Moteurs

Planète Moteurs, the website for drivers who care about the environment

Planète Moteurs is a website dedicated to cars and their impact on the environment. Its purpose is to offer a whole set of tools for drivers to reduce their environmental footprint. Planète Moteurs also offers a regular analysis of the automotive market and industry, through articles about electric or hybrid vehicles, hydrogen for cars, pollution regulations, and much more. Eventually, feedbacks of electric and hybrid cars users can also be found on the website, as well as an educational section to learn more about how modern cars work.

The website Planète Moteurs was created in Luxemburg in 2020. It targets all the car drivers who care about their environmental footprint. Free of charge and easy to use (but in French only), it will allow all drivers to know which car is best suited to their usage (pollution and practical aspects), to compare the greenhouse gas emissions of different types of vehicles, or also to create a follow-up of their own car's CO2 emissions.

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