Lët'z Refashion

Lët'z Refashion

Lët'z Refashion

Lët'z Refashion, sustainable clothes and fashion in Luxemburg

Open to all, the Lët'z Refashion pop-up store gathers initiatives and solutions for an other fashion model in Luxemburg: second hand or upcycled clothes from local creators, textile accessories based on upcycling by Luxemburgish associations, or new clothes with the FairTrade label.

Sewing workshops are also regularly organized to learn sewing and know how to make your clothes last longer. Retouch, upcycling, customization, project support but also embroidery and hook are scheduled.

The upcycling designers are often present in the store to share their initiative, work and support your sewing projects. Every Friday, you may for example come with your own clothe to transform or customize, and a professional designer will guide you through.

The Lët’z Refashion center is part of the Rethink Your Clothes campaign, financed by the Direction de la coopération et de l’action humanitaire. Installed in the Royal Hamilius complex, this pop-up store, designed and managed by Caritas Luxembourg, offers in a single place to inform, educate and promote another way to dress up, more sustainable, more ethical and more reasonable.

The Rethink Your Clothes team and the actors of a more sustainable and ethical fashion are waiting for you in this unusual place!

You already bought clothes or joined a workshop at the Lët'z Refashion store? Share your experience!

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