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BENU Village

BENU Village

The BENU village has closed...

Due to financial and management issues, the BENU Village Esch asbl association was forced to close its doors in December, 2023, ending all its activities. However, the former employees of the association are trying to rebuild a new project, on better foundations. You can follow them on their Facebook : We Are BENU Village or their Instagram : BENU SLOOW. Don't hesitate to support them!

BENU Village, an eco-village with multiple faces

BENU Village currently builds and develops an eco-village, the BENU VILLAGE Esch. A place which constantly researches new ways to use less and less new resources, while minimizing waste.

All BENU concepts are based on ReUse and UpCycling. In their Upcycling workshop, they design and produce new clothes and furniture based on recycled materials, and work hard to finally open their local and organic restaurant, based on Rescued food - fresh food, but not beautiful enough for buyers. All of it in an artistic Zero-Waste vibe they built themselves.

BENU not only allows you to buy local, but also to buy sustainably and responsibly. Buying their creations garantees above all:

  • > A rich and sustainable quality
  • > A fair and essential salary for all their workers
  • > Fair conditions
  • > Social equity

In October, 2022, the BENU team launched its online upcycled clothes webshop: On this website, you will discover all their unique creations, made of recovered and upcycled clothes, crafted in their workshop in Esch-sur-Alzette.

And starting from June 2023, the BENU SLOOW restaurant is open to the public! It is the first vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the Greater Region. All informations are available on The kitchen welcomes you everyday from Monday to Sunday, for lunch and for dinner! A 'bistrot' also offers unique and surprising mocktails and cocktails, based on rescued food as well.

Don't wait any longer, go and visit them at the eco-village in Esch or on their websites!

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sophie garnier - 27/04/2022, 22h43

Local, social, soutenable...Benu coche toutes les cases! Un vrai talent de styliste pour faire en "mode récup" d'aussi beaux vêtements aux finitions impeccables! Bravo Benu! Une place bien méritée dans notre pop-up Lët'z Refashion, Place Hamilius à Luxembourg ville, et en tant qu'acteur de notre campagne Rethink Your Clothes! 👍👏